Why Should You Study Abroad?

Studying abroad offers students the opportunity to broaden their cultural experience, gain greater insight into their own country, and study a language through immersion. Study-abroad programs offer students a variety of new experiences and can also improve academic performance.

Studying abroad allows students to experience a range of culture and geography that does not exist in their home country. Students can encounter historical landmarks, new cuisines and new people, learning more about the world through experience. The hands-on learning that occurs through a study-abroad program can't be duplicated by books or pictures.

Studying abroad also gives students a new perspective on their own country. Traveling outside of their home country allows study-abroad students to better understand the diversity of cultures in the world, and where their own country fits into the bigger global picture. Learning more about other cultures can also help students better understand the significance of their own country's traditions and the importance of maintaining them.

Study-abroad programs are also one of the most efficient ways to learn a foreign language. Total immersion can help students master a language, which offers many professional, educational and cultural opportunities. At the same time, many programs do not require skill in a foreign language, offering students an opportunity to begin learning.