Why Should Students Read?

should-students-read Credit: Marc Romanelli/Blend Images/Getty Images

Some of the reasons students should read include: vocabulary and fluency improvement, better comprehension skills and for fun. Reading skills carry many benefits for children of all ages.

The more children read, the more their reading skills improve. As children read, they practice concentration by focusing on the book. Reading can introduce students to places they will never see and people they will never meet. Through fiction and non-fiction books, students learn about the world around them.

Reading aloud to children is another way to build reading skills. For reluctant readers, hearing a book read to them is a good way to interest them in reading on their own. For young children, reading aloud helps them build vocabulary before they can read on their own. With older children, reading aloud is a way to introduce conversation about important topics.

To encourage students to read, teachers should should offer them a wide range of book choices. Children are more likely to read voluntarily when they can choose the material. Offering a certain time period for uninterrupted reading each day is another good idea to encourage reading in classrooms. Use the reading time purely for enjoyment, and do not tie the reading to school assignments.