What Should a Student Include in Their Portfolio?

What Should a Student Include in Their Portfolio?

When creating a portfolio, a student should include work samples, educational background, achievements, majors, skill levels and motivations. Similarly, input from teachers, fellow students and school administrators could be included in student portfolios.

A portfolio is an extensive collection of a student’s work created over the duration of the course, and it is used for assessing the individual’s achievements, abilities, strengths and day-to-day student activity. It may consist of a few documents in a folder or numerous examples of work in several compartments and subfolders.

The nature of items included in a student portfolio depends on the objective and the audience targeted. For example, a portfolio designed for self-evaluation may be different from one designed to attract favorable rating from a school administrator. In this regard, portfolios have been faulted for being inappropriate tools for measuring the factual knowledge of students.

Portfolios may be targeted at potential employers, peers, course supervisors or school administrators. As a result, there are different types including personal evaluation, presentation and growth portfolios.

One major similarity in many types of portfolios is that they are typically written at the end of a school term, year or course, although portfolios designed to attract the eye of employers may be constructed at any time.