What Should a Strategic Planning Worksheet Include?

What Should a Strategic Planning Worksheet Include?

A strategic planning worksheet should cover five basic concepts: the overall goal, the environmental conditions affecting that goal, steps toward achieving a goal, how to implement those steps and a plan to evaluate the outcome of the overall strategy. These concepts can be broken down further.

Worksheets can be simple, covering just these main five components, or they can be broken down into more specific parts. People typically use them during strategic planning sessions.

While strategic planning worksheet templates are readily available online, it is typically best for project leaders to modify these worksheets or to create their own. This way, they can tailor the worksheet to meet their own needs.

When designing a strategic planning worksheet, project leaders should think about questions or details that are specific to their own organization to include on the sheet. For example, when it comes to determining overall missions for a business, specific and measurable goals such as an increase in returns on investments can be the main objective.

The environmental conditions of the business can include factors such as the current budget devoted to a project, the budget that the business can afford to expend on a project, and the number of man hours they have available per week to work towards those objectives.