When Should You Start Giving a Child French Lessons?


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Children should start French lessons as early as possible, ideally in preschool. The earlier a child starts learning a foreign language, the better that child can speak the language.

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When Should You Start Giving a Child French Lessons?
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Children can easily learn new languages in their first few years. It is never too early to start introducing a second language, such as French, into the home. Even very young children can start learning words, phrases and basic grammar. Babies can learn to distinguish between sounds by listening to counting, nursery rhymes and songs. Preschool age is an ideal time to start French lessons. Teaching kids to learn French earlier makes it likelier that they can speak without an accent. Although some parents fear that teaching kids too young may confuse them, this is not usually the case. Babies can learn two languages as easily as they can learn a single language, and children up to the age of 7 years old pick up languages quickly.

Young children have an easier time learning languages when they are having fun. Incorporating visuals, sounds, movement, music and rhythm can also be an effective way to teach children a second language.

Although it is never too early to start learning French, it is also never to late. Children can absorb language skills easily until age 12. Although teens may not absorb new vocabulary and pick up accents as easily as children can, they may have more discipline and motivation for learning languages.

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