How Should Someone Write a Personal Response Essay?

How Should Someone Write a Personal Response Essay?

There are three ways someone can write a personal response essay: focus on feelings about the text, highlight the text's most vivid aspects or discuss a personal story that relates to the text. While a personal response essay is not scholarly by nature, it is still necessary to use good writing.

The first type of personal response essay involves the writer discussing their personal feelings about the text. This is similar to a normal essay, as it includes a thesis highlighting strong emotions, a main body discussing them further and supporting evidence in the form of passages and moments.

Readers who do not feel they had a strong emotional reaction to the text can discuss the parts that stand out the most instead. Rather than focusing on emotions, this essay discusses why the reader was attracted to certain elements of the text.

Some individuals may find their life experiences are similar to those of the text's characters. If this is the case, they may want to discuss them. This can include why the text drew out certain emotions and memories.

All personal essays should include the text's title and author, how the text inspired their emotions and which elements of the text did this. Writers can use the first person, but their writing should remain consistent throughout.