How Should Someone Start Learning English?


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Someone who is starting to learn English should begin with the basics, such as the alphabet, vocabulary and grammar, notes 5MinuteEnglish.com. Learning the correct pronunciation of the alphabet letters in English is fundamental for correct pronunciation of words. The next step should be to learn five to 10 vocabulary words each day.

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Every language has its own set of grammatical rules. If an individual is learning English, then he should learn some basis grammar rules, such as subject-verb agreement and verb conjugation. However, he should not focus too heavily on grammar, especially in the beginning phases of learning this language. This can lead to confusion, notes TalkEnglish.com.

When an English learner has some understanding of these basic rules, then he should practice by speaking the language with native English speakers.This can help English learners with pronunciation. To understand spoken words that are unfamiliar, English learners also should carry a dictionary with them.

To continue learning English, students may need to take ESL classes or visit websites that offer ESL lessons. ESL readers are a good option. Some other tips are to listen to English radio, watch English TV shows and keep a notebook or diary to write down new phrases or words that are unfamiliar. It is important to practice speaking the language every day and not be afraid to make mistakes.

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