How Should Someone Make an Appendix for a Term Paper?

How Should Someone Make an Appendix for a Term Paper?

Someone who is making an appendix for their term paper should gather the information they want to use, format the appendix so it is consistent with the rest of the paper and ensure it is easy for the reader to access. In addition, an appendix needs to have page numbers that locate the references cited.

  1. Collect data and other supporting evidence for the appendix
  2. An appendix contains data, tables, maps, graphs, images and other media that supports what the student writes in the paper. When including them in the appendix, make sure it is clear which part of the paper they illustrate.

  3. Format the appendix correctly
  4. After including information in the appendix, make sure the format is consistent with the paper. In addition to using the same referencing style, make sure the headings and subheadings have the same font type and size.

  5. Ensure it is easy for the reader to access
  6. When using more than one appendix, title them using Roman numerals. For example, "Appendix I" and "Appendix II." In addition, make sure they are listed in the table of contents at the beginning of the paper.

  7. Format the page numbers correctly
  8. An appendix's page numbers should follow on naturally from the rest of the paper. For example, if the appendix begins after page 20, give it the number 21 rather than starting from 1 again. In addition, ensure the numbers are Arabic, not Roman.