What Should You Say in a Farewell Speech to Friends?

should-say-farewell-speech-friends Credit: Hinterhaus Productions/Digital Vision/Getty Images

A farewell speech to friends needs to acknowledge the occasion sincerely with gratitude for the friendship, graciousness regarding the parting and a little bit of humor to lighten any sadness. Farewell speeches do not need to be excessively formal, but should treat the reason for saying good-bye with dignity and honesty. Brief, heartfelt speeches are usually appreciated more than eloquent but lengthy diatribes.

In a farewell speech to friends, the speaker should look for an opportunity to reflect on special memories shared between herself and her listeners. Even if the occasion for saying good-bye is a sad one, it is best to stay positive and leave on an upbeat and hopeful note. While it is possible to find great quotes regarding saying farewell, often it is more moving if the person saying good-bye just speaks honestly from the heart without trying to dress up her feelings in other people's words.

An expression of appreciation and gratitude is always appropriate and should be greatly welcomed by those friends being left behind. It is acceptable to be very personal in a good-bye speech to friends, as long as the speaker does not reveal any secrets. The best farewell speeches turn at the end from heartfelt sentiments to a lighter tone, ending with a little humor and an upbeat attitude.