How Should Review Comments Be Written?


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Review comments should be written in a way that provides the author feedback on the writing’s strengths and should include concrete suggestions for improving the writing. Guides for writing review comments can be found on education and writing websites, including Abascus.Bates.edu and WriteTheWorld.com.

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Review comments should begin with pointing out what is strong in the writing. Review comments should be framed positively, but the comments should include constructive criticism with suggestions for improving the writing. Effective review comments give a clear and detailed explanation of what needs to be improved, why it needs to be improved and suggestions on how it can be improved. Review comments are most effective if written objectively and concretely to ensure the author understands what to focus on during revisions.

Abascus.Bates.edu notes that it is important to point out which parts of the writing are strong so the author is aware those parts do not need to be revised. Including the writing’s strengths also helps to promote the author’s confidence in his writing. Providing the author with constructive criticism on areas of the writing that need to be improved allows the author the opportunity to develop his writing skills. The aim of review comments should be to provide the author with concrete, usable feedback.

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