How Should You Prepare for RHIA Certification?

How Should You Prepare for RHIA Certification?

Prepare for RHIA certification by taking appropriate high school courses and then earning a bachelor's degree in health information management or an equivalent degree at a foreign educational institution. Before the exam, read the online candidate's guide and candidate's preparation page, fill out the application and pay the fee.

  1. Take appropriate high school courses

    Take high school courses that prepare you for a career in health information administration, including biology, chemistry, algebra, anatomy, computer skills and data processing.

  2. Meet the educational requirements

    To be eligible to apply for the certification exam, have a bachelor's degree in HIM from an institution approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Health Informatics and Information Management Education. Submit an official transcript from your educational institution with your application.

  3. Read the online candidate preparation materials

    Go to the AHIMA main webpage. On the toolbar at the top, click on Certification, and in the right column, click on Candidate Guide. You'll see an overview of the entire examination process. To find the page with specific application instructions, hold the mouse arrow over the toolbar, and under HIM certifications, click RHIA. In the toolbar at the top, click Applying. Apply online or with a paper application, and pay the appropriate fee.