How Should You Prepare to Pass the WorkKeys Math Test?

Review the kinds of problems that appear on the WorkKeys math test, and take a WorkKeys practice math test. Use test-taking strategies that apply to any math test, such as doing easier problems first, limiting time spent on difficult problems and scribbling key formulas on the actual test.

The American College Testing WorkKeys math test has five levels, numbered three to seven. The difficulty of items appearing on the test and the skills necessary to solve them increases with each level. Level three tests consist of simple verbal math questions that require single operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Level four involves multiplying integers, mixed numbers and adding fractions. Questions may contain information presented out of order or accompanying charts, graphs and extra, unnecessary details. Level five questions concern basic concepts of geometry, as well as complex problems with multiple operations and negative integers.

Some of the questions at the sixth and seventh levels are incorrect math problems similar to those found in lower levels, and the solution entails correcting the errors. Overall descriptions of test content at each level are available at, as are sample questions and practice tests for roughly $5, as of 2015.

There are general techniques to improve the chances of passing a math test. If the exam proctor allows crib sheets, prepare one in advance. Check each problem by plugging the answer into the equation and solving. Express the answer in whatever terms the question asks.