What Should Narrative Essays Include?


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Narrative essays tell a story, so they should include elements similar to fiction, such as an introduction, a plot, characters, a setting, a climax and a conclusion. A narrative essay normally includes first person point of view, since the story it tells often happened to the writer.

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Narrative essays should use clear, concise language without getting bogged down in minute details. The story of the narrative essay should lead readers through a topic similar to the way an expository essay does. The difference is that a narrative essay leads to its thesis through the use of story, introducing the characters and the setting. The narrative essay leads to its thesis conclusion by employing many of the same story elements as fictional writing does, including plot, climax and conclusion.

Narrative essays normally explain a subject to the reader by telling a story in which the main character learns about the subject. The main character of the story is normally the author, so narrative essays typically use first person point of view. Reading first person narration allows readers to place themselves in the position of the narrator. Narrative essays can tell a story in past tense or in present tense. In the conclusion of a narrative essay, readers understand the thesis argument through empathy with the characters in the story.

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