Why Should You Keep a Reading Log for Your Kids?


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Keeping a reading log makes children accountable, motivates engagement in the reading material and tracks the progress of young readers as they develop reading skills. Using a log to record identifying information such as title, author and time spent reading a book, along with reflective notes about the story, promotes reading comprehension.

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Reading logs can help students to explore reading material by asking them to record information from the text of a book, while also encouraging deep thinking about what is being read. Questions for the logs may include identifying themes, settings or plot points. Searching for this information supports reading comprehension because young readers must pay close attention to storyline and setting details to answer these questions and to add the information to a reading log.

Reading logs can be particularly useful for encouraging and monitoring the progress of children who are reluctant to read. Parents should often check the logs of these children to keep them on the task of reading on a regular schedule. As the young readers add to the list of completed books, they should be encouraged to take note of the accomplishment. By setting and achieving reading targets, the child experiences a sense of accomplishment that encourages further reading.

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