What Should You Keep in Mind When Buying a Used Hooked on Phonics Set?


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When buying a used Hooked on Phonics set, look at the condition of the set to be sure that all of the books and other materials are there; also be sure it includes media that still plays, such as cassettes and DVDs. Consider the edition of Hooked on Phonics, as changes have occurred over the years, and keep in mind that a used version may not work with online features.

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Check the contents of the Hooked on Phonics set both in terms of completeness and the condition of the items within it. Older sets featured five levels designed to progress a student through more complicated concepts and improve reading. When buying a used Hooked on Phonics set, be sure that all five levels are there, and check each one individually. Each level should include at least a booklet, cassette tape and flash cards for use with the provided lessons to assist with the learning process.

Newer versions of Hooked on Phonics include different materials, such as CDs and DVDs with audio and video lessons. When looking at one of these used sets, ensure that the media is included and is not damaged so that it still plays without issue. Be sure that the Hooked on Phonics program is right for the intended child, who should be between the ages of 3 and 8 and below a third-grade reading level. Online features, such as videos and reading games, require an eligible UPC code to access, and the original owner may have already registered a used set.

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