What Should Be Included in a Reconsideration Letter to a School?

A reconsideration letter should include specific information related to the reason why the appeal is being sought, including new information that might have been unavailable at the time the original decision was made. Reconsideration letters are formal documents, and should be properly addressed and formatted.

For college and university students, reconsideration letters usually relate to admission into a department or major, or a financial aid award decision. Appeals should be addressed to the administrator who made the decision unless otherwise noted at the specific school website or in the catalog. Letters for reconsideration should be formatted like a professional letter, with the name of the administrator and school, school address, and name of student and student address. The reason for the appeal should be clearly stated, along with descriptions of additional or new information that may influence the school's decision.

The letter should offer any additional information required by the school or department, such as financial records, academic transcripts, or proof of improved admissions test scores. Appeals for financial aid reconsideration may require the financial records of both the student and his or her parents. For first-year students seeking reconsideration of a school admissions decision, a letter of recommendation from a teacher or advisor who supports the appeal may be also required.