What Should Be Included in a Praise Letter?

A praise letter includes a proper salutation or greeting, an explanation for the purpose of the letter, a specific account of the reason the person deserves praise and a closing line with a signature. Depending on the recipient, decide if the letter is formal or conversational, and format it accordingly.

The letter starts with a salutation that includes the person's name. If the letter is for an organization, address it to a specific person in the organization, and include praise for the whole group within the body of the letter. If there is not a specific person to address, use "Dear Sir," or an equivalent. If the letter is not formal, use the person's first or given name, such as "Dear Sally" or "Dear Grandpa."

In the first sentence of the first paragraph, express the reason for the letter. Describe what action or quality the receiver has that inspired the letter. In the sentences following, describe how those things have impacted you or the organization you represent. Be as specific as possible, and use personal details to ensure the letter sounds sincere.

Finish the letter with a sentence that reiterates appreciation or praise. Close using a phrase such as "With gratitude" or "Sincerely." For personal letters, use a more informal phrase, such as "Love" or "See you soon." Sign the letter personally, even if you typed and printed the letter.