What Should Be Included in a Letter Requesting Permission for Something?

A letter asking for permission should include typical letter requirements, such as a header, greeting and closing. The exact contents of the body depend on what the permission is for, such as using a space or printing copyrighted material.

The heading of a letter includes the writer's name and address as well as the date of the letter writing. For a more formal letter, the next part includes the recipient's address. Permission letters often include a subject line directly stating the purpose of the letter after the heading.

The standard greeting for a letter is "Dear" followed by the recipient's name. If applicable, letter writers should next identify themselves before clearly asking for permission. The exact terms of the request must be clear, with dates, times and locations, if necessary.

For example, if a group is asking permission to hold a dance party at a specific location, they should start with the subject "Permission to hold a dance party at..." Next, they identify themselves and the reason for the party, then they include the date, starting and closing times, and any other relevant information. Other relevant information could include potential costs or cleanup duties. The letter finishes with a hope for permission, a closing and a signature.

A letter asking for permission to use copyrighted material is more straightforward. After the greeting comes the use request and exact material, such as reprinting course material or photocopying print material, followed by the method of distribution and the closing.