What Should Be Included in a Letter About Harassment?


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A letter about harassment should reference the company's policies concerning harassment, and should include the petitioner's name, job title and status, department, supervisor and length of employment with the company, reports the Houston Chronicle. Additionally, the letter should contain the date and details of each instance of harassment and include who was harassed, who did the harassing, and any witnesses that were present.

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Company policies on harassment are commonly contained in an employee handbook that may also delineate the manner in which harassment should be reported, states the Houston Chronicle. When an employee handbook is not available or a handbook does exist but does not address harassment, the employee should contact the human resources department or a direct supervisor to determine which policies to reference in the letter.

The employee should refer to these policies against harassment in the letter, and also state whether she was the victim or the witness of workplace harassment, explains the Houston Chronicle. The letter should only contain the facts, must refrain from assumptions or conclusions, and should include the petitioner's signature. If the employee is submitting a formal complaint of harassment, the letter should also contain an introductory paragraph that clearly states that the letter constitutes a formal complaint of harassment.

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