What Should Be Included in an Essay on Courage?


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Include anything specifically required in the directions for the essay, such as an introduction, body paragraphs with main points and a conclusion. Specific to courage itself, it is important to include a definition or explanation of context, depending on the essay subject, and to give specific examples of courage either from an assigned text or other works.

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It is important to consider the context of the essay and what it is supposed to say about courage in general or specifically in relation to the assignment. For general purposes, be sure to define exactly what is meant by courage and why the reader should care about an essay dealing with the subject. If there is a provided text in which courage is displayed or discussed, then be sure to refer to that text with clear examples and use it to support arguments within the essay. Other sources can be used to discuss or illustrate courage, but be sure to choose sources that are reputable and reliable.

The specific things to include in an essay about courage really depend a lot on the instructions and requirements for the essay. The most important things to do are read the instructions for the assignment carefully and note each requirement to be sure they are included in the final essay. This includes the length of the essay; the format, which usually includes a minimum number of paragraphs or pages; and the purpose of the essay, such as persuasive or narrative. The essay itself should be written in a mature manner, using language that is appropriate for a scholastic or professional work, and it should be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

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