What Should Be Included in an Absent Note for School?

The following elements should include certain information in an absence note excusing a child from school: the date, a greeting, the child's name, the date of absence, the reason for absence, a closing and the parent or guardian's signature. The absence note is a brief letter with the same format, addressing the child's teacher by name and signing off with a standard closing and signature.

It is often the case that schools will only accept some reasons for absence. Students are required to attend school a certain amount of days to move on to the next grade.


These are some of the reasons to write on an absent note:

  • Sickness and disease, particularly when contagious
  • Medical appointments
  • Bereavement in the family or social circle
  • Educational trips with parents or guardians
  • Legal business
  • Miscellaneous emergencies
  • Religious observances and holidays
Missing school for religious holidays will generally not negatively affect a child's attendance record.

Sometimes, the child is allowed an extension on deadlines and additional opportunities to take tests that were missed due to absence. It is often the child's responsibility to ask about missed work.

If an absence note is not submitted, it could lead to a written warning sent home, contact with parents and guardians or detention. Further action may take place, such as referral to courts, if the student misses several consecutive school days.

Lateness will typically require a note from parents or guardians for the student's excuse to enter class late.