What Should You Include in a Thank-You Greeting?


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A thank-you greeting includes an introduction, an expression of gratitude, why you are grateful, and a closing that includes final regards and a signature. The content of the body of the greeting depends on the relationship you have with the recipient. A work acquaintance or a doctor patient relationship yields a formal message, while a friendship or family relationship is informal and likely to be more personal.

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In the body of the note, include the purpose of the greeting and the reason the person sent the gift. Give details as needed, such as thanking a family member for a handmade gift by mentioning the intricate details or what gift you purchased for yourself or put the money toward if the gift was monetary. Be brief without undermining the message of gratitude. End the body of the greeting with well wishes or a plan to meet at a future date.

Write the greeting by hand on personal stationery or in a note card or special greeting card. This appears thoughtful and reinforces your gratitude to the person receiving the greeting. When using a card, write out the message on scrap paper beforehand to ensure it says what you want it to say. Check the message for grammar and spelling, edit where needed, and then transfer the message to the card.

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