What Should You Include in a Letter of Intent for Graduate School?

A letter of intent for graduate school includes an introduction, an enrollment preference, your grade point average, the score from your graduate school entrance exams and the reason you want to attend that school's graduate program. Wrap the letter up by presenting the strengths of your character that are relevant to your objective. Conclude the letter with a thank you, a reminder about your references and contact information.

In your introduction, include your name, academic standing and whether you are applying for a master's degree or a doctorate program. Expand on your academic information, including any degrees earned, exam scores, academic awards or university social clubs in which you participated. The next paragraph is the beginning of the body of your letter, and it explains what about the program appeals to you. Discuss any advantage you believe the program offers to your future career goals. Be clear and detailed without adding fluff to your letter.

In the next section, discuss the challenges of the program, and how you are able to meet those challenges. Follow this with a paragraph expressing your thanks for the school's consideration and time. After mentioning your references, state that you look forward to hearing from the school.

Keep the letter to two pages maximum. Be concise without being vague. Thoroughly research any program for which you apply to ensure that your letter focuses on appropriate information.