What Should You Include in a Back-to-School Parent Welcoming Letter?


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A back-to-school welcome letter to parents typically includes information about the school and teacher, important contact information, and general expectations for the upcoming school year. Welcome-back letters are often part of packets of parent information that may include paperwork to sign and return, behavior plans, handbooks and schedules.

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Both classroom teachers and school principals write back-to-school letters to parents. The letters typically begin with a heartfelt greeting, and go on to discuss the importance of parental involvement and communication. Contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, is included here or at the bottom of the letter, or it may be attached in a convenient card format for future reference. Other methods of correspondence, such as a daily folder or a class website, are also mentioned, along with the most effective means of communication.

Parents appreciate learning more about the individuals responsible for their children's education. Welcome letters reflect the personality and philosophies of the writer, and often provide the reader with background information about the educator, his interests and his education. Many letters include the school mission statement, supply lists, and important policies or classroom procedures.

Successful back-to-school welcome letters typically close with encouraging remarks about the school year ahead, along with reminders for upcoming events, and invitations to volunteer and/or visit during school hours.

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