What Should You Include in an Article Summary?

An article summary includes the main points and arguments of a text, without plagiarising the work. It also includes a citation for the original article.

To write an article summary, first read the original article. Annotate the article, and highlight or mark the author's arguments, claims, methodologies and conclusions. Take notes of important ideas in your own words, so you're less likely to accidentally plagiarize.

Use your notes and annotations to create your first draft. The summary should have all the important elements of the article, but only be 1/4 of the length or even less. Do not attempt to summarize every single element of the article. If you feel you must use the author's exact words, use quotation marks and cite correctly.

Summaries only include the information in the original source. Summaries do not include the writer's personal response to the article or his own interpretation or analysis of the article.

After writing the first draft, go back and ensure all the important parts of the article are included in the summary. Rework areas that are unclear, include personal response or have poor grammar. Make sure you have properly cited the article at the beginning of the paper in the required formatting style, such as APA or MLA.