Should Homework Be Abolished?

More and more schools are opting to cut homework from their curriculum as of 2015, especially U.S. schools using the new Common Core standards. Schools are deciding to remove homework in part because they find students are having difficulty devoting time to their homework assignments.

Many American schools have considered whether or not they should keep homework in their curricula, but because it's such a controversial issue, they end up not making the change. There's a big divide between parents who want quality family time with their children after school and those parents who want their kids to have homework.

Another debate is how much time a child should spend on homework. Some schools say that it should be 10 minutes per grade level. This means that a child in first grade should spend 10 minutes on homework, while a child in seventh grade should spend about 70 minutes on homework.

Parents do indicate that many kids spend much longer than that on their assignments. Many schools that do still have a homework policy in place don't allow for the homework grade to count heavily toward a student's grade point average, and some don't allow homework to count toward a student's final average at all.