How Should an Essay Conclusion Be Written?

How Should an Essay Conclusion Be Written?

To write a conclusion to an essay, the writer should re-emphasize the thesis statement and leave a lasting impression on the reader about the essay. One should be careful not to summarize the information already given in the essay. Instead, perhaps pose a question to help the reader think about the topic in a new way.

Many writers find that the conclusion is one of the most difficult parts about writing an essay. There are, however, a few strategies one can use to write a successful conclusion that flows well with the rest of the paper.

  1. Echo the introduction

    Use this strategy to bring the reader full circle. Use parallel concepts and images that were addressed in the opening paragraph.

  2. Challenge the reader

    Help the reader to use the information in the essay and apply it to his or her life. Posing questions to the reader may help him or her to gain new insight on the topic.

  3. Play the "so what?" game

    When writing the conclusion, the writer should ask himself "so what?" when discussing the main topic of the essay. This opens up a new way of thinking as to how to explain the ideas in a new and interesting manner.