Why Should You Diagram a Sentence?


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Diagramming a sentence allows a writer to see how each word in a sentence works. Diagramming can help a writer remember grammar rules by creating a visual representation of how a sentence is supposed to be constructed.

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Why Should You Diagram a Sentence?
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Sentence diagramming is a skill that is falling by the wayside, as of 2015. It was once part of the curriculum for students, but now most people have no idea how to diagram a sentence. Diagramming a sentence can make figuring out how to properly arrange words. By placing each word at its designated place on the diagram, grammatical errors can be identified and eliminated.

The main part of a sentence diagram is a horizontal line that is divided by a vertical line. On the left side of the vertical line is the subject of the sentence. On the right side of the line is the predicate of the sentence. In most cases, the subject of the sentence is a noun and the predicate is a verb. Each part of speech has a special line on which each is placed. When a writer knows where each part of speech should be placed in a sentence, it makes constructing a grammatically correct sentence that much easier.

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