Where Should the Credibility Statement Be Placed in a Speech?

The credibility statement is important as it informs the audience that the speaker is well qualified to talk about the subject matter, which means that ideally any credibility statement should be included in the speech's introduction. The credibility statement is one of five components that should be a part of the introductory section of any speech.

There are four other key elements to creating the best possible introductory statements for a speech. The introduction is arguably the most important part of a speech, as winning over and convincing the audience at this stage can set the tone for the rest of the talk. Audiences that quickly warm to the speaker are also much more likely to take in information and arguments more attentively.

Using an attention grabber of some kind is key to starting the speech itself, as it focuses the audiences attention on the speaker. Attention grabbers can be anything from a piece of music, announcement or joke.

The thesis statement tells the audience what the aim of the talk is, and what they will know after the talk is concluded.

A preview statement is then used to highlight the main points the speaker will extrapolate about in the talk.

After the credibility statement, the final aspect of a successful talk introduction is ensuring the speaker has connected with the audience through audience relevance. This is often achieved with attention grabbers or by addressing the audience as "you."