How Should You Create a Biography Outline?

A biography outline sets out a framework for writing a business biography or the story of someone's life. An autobiography outline provides the framework to write the story of your own life. Steps in writing a true story of someone's life include researching the person's life and constructing a chronological timeline.

  1. Determine the specifics

    Before writing the outline for a biography, decide how long you want the biography to be. Based on the word count, divide the project into paragraphs. Divide the biography by chapters if it is longer. The outline lays out the introduction, body and conclusion.

  2. Begin the introduction outline

    Your outline should specify the hook in the introduction, which is a device to interest the reader. Also, include the main focus of the biography in this section.

  3. Frame the body of the biography

    The body outline should include the details to be covered in the biography. Some aspects of this include the early life of the subject, the family of the subject, and major accomplishments and contributions to society. The body outline is sometimes chronological, tracing the subject's birth, early life, college life, professional life, marriage, major achievements and death.

  4. Write the conclusion outline

    The conclusion summarizes the person's accomplishments. It is also important to include a section for citations and the bibliography at the end of the outline.