What Should Be the Content of an Essay Titled "Unethical Food Marketing to Children"?

An essay titled "Unethical Food Marketing to Children" should address the marketing campaigns of food targeted at children. Michele Simon and Susan Linn at Eat Drink Politics argue that "any type of marketing to kids is inherently deceptive" because kids don't understand how marketing works, making it unethical.

Most kids are exposed to advertisements every day. "Advergames" — online games with an advertising environment — further promote the consumption of whatever product is being advertised. Public-health advocates aim to stop the marketing to children.

In an attempt to counterattack the problem, Michelle Obama created the "Let's Move" program, which also uses advertisements and cartoons to promote healthier meal options and exercises to children. On the other side of the issue, Josh Goslin of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood believes this furthers the problem because the produce aisle is the only one without propaganda but is now competing against sugary, salty and highly processed foods in marketing to kids.