Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in Schools?


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Having cell phones in the classroom has both pros and cons, but there is no clear advantage or disadvantage overall. Most schools adopt a limited usage policy for phones and other technology in the classroom.

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There are major pros and cons for allowing cell phones in the classroom. Some of the pros include additional academic advantages. Students can use smart phones to research relevant topics and better facilitate classroom discussions. Apps, such as calculators, can also be useful. Another benefit is increased security and parental contact. Phones allow students to have constant access to emergency services in case an emergency situation arises, and they allow increased communication between students and parents, so parents are aware of what their children are doing.

However, some of the cons are simply the other side of the pros. While phones allow for better class discussion, access to the Internet is also a huge distraction for students, which takes away from classroom learning and discussion. Some apps are helpful for doing schoolwork, but they also make it much easier for students to cheat on exams or other work. And while phones allow parents to keep in constant contact with their parents, it also allows them to have constant contact with friends, which, again, can distract from learning much more than facilitate it.

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