Why Should You Celebrate the 100th Day of School?

Classrooms should celebrate the 100th day of school because it marks a milestone both in the school year and within a child's growth. Celebrating the 100th day of school also gives students a chance to reflect on their past learning.

The 100th day of school typically comes somewhere between late January to mid-February. This is a time period when the daily grind of school might be wearing on some children. Celebrating the 100th day of school allows the students to see what progress they've made over the course of that time. It also gives the students motivation for continuing through to the end of the school year with enthusiasm.

Another rationale for celebrating the 100th day of school is the learning opportunities it presents. There are numerous activities available for celebrating this milestone. For instance, elementary school teachers can use this celebration as a way of teaching mathematical concepts based on the number 100. The celebration serves as a reinforcement of the learning concept.

The 100th day of school also gives teachers the opportunity to implement language learning. For instance, students can learn to count to 100 in another language or learn to say "Hello" in 100 different languages.

Teachers can use the number 100 for any classroom subject. For instance, students can review 100 of the vocabulary words they learned in English class or participate in 100 exercises in gym class.