How Should You Begin a Narrative Essay?


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A narrative essay begins with an introductory paragraph that presents the topic of the piece as well as the major points to be highlighted in it. The introductory paragraph of a narrative essay must be concise and generally contains no more than five or six sentences. Some writers think of the introductory paragraph to a narrative essay to be akin to an outline of what follows.

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How Should You Begin a Narrative Essay?
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The initial sentence to a narrative essay serves as something of an advertisement for the entire piece. The initial sentence must be crafted to grab the attention of the reader and encourage that person to read the entire essay.

Two common strategies exist in regard to presenting the topic in the introductory paragraph. One strategy presents the topic at the front of the paragraph, even in the first sentence if possible. An outline of the major points follow in support of the topic.

The second strategy involves starting the introduction with a compelling initial sentence followed by a summary of the major points to be covered within the essay. The outline of the major points to be covered leads to the presentation of the overall topic of the essay towards the end of the introductory paragraph.

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