What Should You Do Before Writing a Reflective Essay?


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The steps toward writing a reflective essay are the same as with writing any other type of essay: choose a subject, create an outline, write a rough draft, edit the content and finalize the rough draft. The most important thing about reflective essays is to realize that, while the points of view are subjective and personal, the essay must not be treated as a journal entry.

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What Should You Do Before Writing a Reflective Essay?
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A writer should choose a subject capable of accumulating enough resources to reference in the essay to support the main idea. One thing to remember is to ensure that the sources are credible.

All essays have an introduction, body and conclusion. These basic components allow one to adequately outline thoughts intended for the essay.

Once completing the outline, the writer can begin on the rough draft. The purpose of the rough draft is to get the writer's thoughts on paper with little to no regard to mechanics or spelling.

After completing the rough draft, it's time to edit the work and make corrections. This is the time to edit the content for spelling, grammar, mechanics, tone and flow. Once corrections are complete, the writer can piece together the final essay and submit or publish.

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