What Are Some Shorthand Characters for Editing?


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Some shorthand characters for editing include the caret, a horizontal line with a loop in the end and a slash. The caret indicates words or letters that can be inserted into the text. Editors place the mark below the word at the location of insertion. The editor then writes the letter or word above the text.

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A horizontal line drawn through a word with a loop at the end of the line right above the word symbolizes a proposed deletion in the text. The editor circles a punctuation mark and adds the looped line above it to suggest the punctuation mark be removed. A slash through a capitalized letter means that the letter needs to be in lowercase, and three short horizontal lines underneath a letter means that the letter needs to be in uppercase. A horizontal line underneath a word is a mark stating that the underlined word should be italicized, while a horizontal line with vertical slashes through it means an underline needs to be removed.

An arc drawn both above and below the space between two words means the writer needs to close up the space and make the two words one. If a space needs to be inserted between two words, the editor draws a vertical line between those two words.

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