Is There a Short and Free Online IQ Test?


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Short and free intelligent quotient (IQ) tests do exist, and they are available online through the International High IQ Society website and IQ League websites. The International High IQ Society's test lasts up to 5 minutes, is a demo version of the organization's longer test and provides an estimated IQ score at the end. IQ League's test takes only a minute or is completed after 10 questions, and users can download an IQ certificate and compete with other players.

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Is There a Short and Free Online IQ Test?
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It's most common for people to have IQ scores ranging from 85 to 115. Some factors that can affect IQ scores include genetics, environment, age, educational interventions, musical training, brain structure and health. A person's IQ can have an effect on performance at both work and school and can also affect the person's income and the likelihood of committing a crime.

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