What Is the SHL Online Assessment Test?


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SHL assessment tests are psychometric tests designed to measure different aspects of a user's psychology. SHL is one of the leading brands of these psychometric tests. Often used by large organizations when recruiting individuals for senior-level positions, psychometric tests are meant to be one part of the overall hiring process and are often completed online.

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SHL tests can focus on different aspects, such as numerical, verbal, inductive, mechanical and spatial reasoning. SHL also produces other tests for situational judgment and logical reasoning. SHL tests, generally speaking, are administered online for the first round of test-taking. If an individual does well on her first test, she then takes a second SHL test in a controlled environment in which the organization or its representative monitors test-takers to prevent cheating.

SHL tests are designed to put test-takers under large amounts of pressure in an effort to properly measure how well a user can cope with both stress and complex reasoning problems. SHL tests are timed, so if a user wishes to pass an SHL test, she must be extremely familiar with the subject matter of the test or else she may not be able to complete the entire test within the given time limit.

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