How Do You Sharpen a Pencil?

How Do You Sharpen a Pencil?

A simple and effective way to sharpen a pencil is to use a hand-held pencil sharpener. Insert a pencil into the pencil sharpener. Firmly grasp the pencil sharpener and turn the pencil clockwise until it is sharp enough, periodically checking the pencil's sharpness.

  1. Place the hand-held pencil sharpener over a trashcan

    Unless there is a storage for pencil shavings, place the pencil sharpener over a trash can to prevent the pencil shavings falling on the floor.

  2. Insert the pencil

    If the sharpener has multiple holes, insert the pencil into the appropriately sized hole.

  3. Turn the pencil

    Hold the sharpener tight enough to prevent movement. Continuously turn the pencil clockwise. Turn the pencil slowly and carefully to sharpen it evenly and prevent the tip from breaking.

  4. Check the pencil for sharpness

    Periodically remove the pencil from the sharpener and check the tip for sharpness. To check for sharpness, use the pencil to write or gently touch the tip with your finger. Inspect the length of the pencil's tip. If the tip is too long, it can break easily upon use.

  5. Clean up

    Once the pencil is sharp enough, remove it from the sharpener. Dispose of any pencil shavings that fell on the floor or empty the pencil shavings storage. Loose pencil shavings may remain on the pencil. Use a tissue or napkin to wipe them off the pencil.