How Do You Set up a Science Fair Board?

How Do You Set up a Science Fair Board?

Creating a successful science fair board can be done by applying the right font and design elements to sufficient relevant information. Adding descriptive pictures creates a distinct character, differentiating the board from others at the fair.

  1. Gather the necessary information

    Begin by researching the subject given for the project. Gather information and take notes, find pictures or create some to include on the board, and decide what information and visual pieces will be presented on the three-panel board. It is important to be aware of all the data needed for a science fair board, but most science fairs have standard requirements.

  2. Come up with a title

    Think of a title that will grab the attention of the audience at the science fair. Stencil or print the title in a large font. Make it big and clear enough to be read from a distance, as this determines whether people are attracted to your table.

  3. Create a format

    Create the overall format for the board. Using the recommended font at above 16 points, type out the information you gathered in a logical, easy-to-read format. Separate the information into sections and determine where the pieces will be displayed. Paste it on the board, leaving the right amount of space for the accompanying pictures.