How Do You Set up Homeschooling?

How Do You Set up Homeschooling?

Follow local homeschooling laws, set up a work area, choose the curriculum and set up record-keeping methods to start homeschooling. Connecting with other homeschooling families or joining a support group provides a support system as you start homeschooling.

Each state sets its own laws and requirements for homeschooling. Before you start homeschooling, contact your state's department of education or your local public school district to determine what you need to do. Most states require homeschooling families to file paperwork. Others have specific testing and record-keeping requirements.

The curriculum is a major part of homeschooling. You can purchase ready-to-use curriculum kits designed for homeschooling or create your own materials. Gather materials, and plan your first few weeks of lessons. Set a daily schedule for homeschooling. A set time and schedule keeps you on track for completing the work.

A spot for doing the work is also necessary. You don't need an entire room devoted to homeschooling. A storage shelf in a shared space in the home serves as a storage area for the materials. You also need a workspace, such as a dining table or kitchen counter.

Even if the state doesn't require specific record keeping, keep your own records of what you do. This might include keeping a list of activities, making a portfolio or documenting your child's progress on lessons.