What Services Does Study Island Offer?


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Study Island is an online resource that offers Web-based, interactive lessons for kids of all ages. Users choose a geographic area and Study Island provides lessons that directly connect to state-guidelines for learning benchmarks. Parents can purchase individual lessons, or teachers can buy group lessons for an entire classroom.

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Study Island's lessons can be used to supplement curriculum already being taught in school, or they can provide extracurricular learning for elective subjects or test-prep that may not be taught in the classroom. Teachers can use Study Island to facilitate a "flipped" classroom, in which students learn material at home and engage in more hands-on activities in class. Tracking a student's progress is easy, as results to assessments are given in real time. Questions are designed to engage a student's thinking process, rather than simply reflect a memorized answer.

With technology that can evaluate a student's progress immediately, Study Island adapts to an individual child's needs and identifies specific weak areas that need continued focus. Differing learning styles are accommodated, as students can choose to answer in "test mode" or in an interactive game format. Parents, teachers, and administrators can contact Study Island's customer service by phone, email, or online form.

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