What Are Some Services Provided by the Ohio Department of Education?


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Tasks performed by the Ohio Department of Education include overseeing the funding of Ohio public schools, collecting finance and performance data from schools, structuring curricula, overseeing state achievement tests and providing district and individual school report cards. The ODE also oversees Ohio’s voucher programs and provides professional development.

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Among the services within the funding and finance component of the ODE are grants, program financing and school bus transportation. Grants are funding awarded to schools according to pre-determined criteria and entail the obligation to meet or exceed a goal. Among the program financial services are the Home Instruction Reimbursement and Ohio Medicaid Schools Program.

The OED monitors school performance via its Ohio Learning Standards, which sets out the academic obligations of schools. It provides information on general graduation requirements and details goals of each topical component of the state curriculum.

The department's website provides testing and test update information on its Testing page, which is available under the Topics tab at the top of the website. Among the resources on this page are information about the different tests, a list of testing dates, test rules, documents and forms and notices of special accommodation for those with disabilities. Also under the Topics tab is a link to Ohio state report cards.

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