What Services Does Indiana State Offer Online?

Indiana State offers software downloads, admissions information and links to important student sites, such as Blackboard, email and MyISU to aid students during the school year. Student employment, counseling and bookstore services are available under a broad Services heading.

The Indiana State website offers some software to students and staff, including Microsoft Office, Windows 7 and Cornell Spider, along others. These downloads are typically free of charge and require a school login to access the files.

The admissions page allows users to sign up for mailing lists for the applications process and other important information. This selection of pages provides convenient information for applying and returning students, including the application steps, tuition and fees. Pages under the Admissions heading are available to any visitor of the site while providing specific services and information for visitors in different situations, including new and returning students.

BlackBoard is a program professors use to distribute materials, tests and quizzes; it also gives students a place to easily submit work electronically. MyISU is a cloud-based system all students have access to. These online services require students to log in with a username and password. Students can use these programs to keep up with and access school files from other locations.