What Are Some Sentimental Epitaphs for a Gravestone?

Sentimental epitaphs for a gravestone include "always in our hearts," "true love stories never end" and "until we meet again." Common sources of gravestone epitaphs include poems, songs and religious texts.

When choosing the epitaph, the writer bases it on an aspect of the deceased, such as his personality, major accomplishments or his role toward others. For example, an epitaph option for a family man is "a loving father," while a doctor's epitaph could refer to all the people he helped. A writer often waits for up to a year before deciding on an epitaph to fully consider the deceased and to avoid regretting a hasty decision later.

A common style for epitaphs is a message written in a first-person voice. The person who is speaking in this message could be someone close to the deceased or the deceased himself. The writer can make the epitaph a message for the loved ones of the deceased or a message to anyone who views the gravestone.

Due to space limitations on gravestones, the writer must limit the length of the epitaph to a phrase or a few short words. An epitaph can be as short as one word, such as "beloved" or "adored." "Rest in peace" is another common choice.