How Do Seniors Get Free Tuition?

Seniors can get free tuition by auditing a course, applying for a tuition waiver from a college or university, or inquiring about scholarships reserved for senior citizens. Community colleges often provide seniors with free tuition for continuing education courses in a variety of subjects.

Find free courses that do not require tuition at senior centers, community centers or high schools. Many organizations sponsor workshops and seminars that teach computer classes, crafting, general education courses and life skills designed specifically for seniors seeking job skills or those who have an interest in learning more about a particular hobby or sport.

Seniors who opt to audit a college course can often enroll in the course free of charge at some colleges and universities. When taking an audited course, seniors attend lectures, complete homework and take exams as a student in the class, but they are not awarded college credit for the course. Colleges and universities often offer this option to individuals 60 or older through a tuition fee-waiver program. Auditing arrangements may also be arranged on an individual basis with academic advisers.

State programs that feature senior scholarship programs cover the cost of tuition for seniors taking general education and continuing education courses, but many scholarships do not cover the cost of online classes, course fees or books.