How Do You Send an Informal Letter to Thank Someone?

send-informal-letter-thank-someone Credit: Tetra Images - Jamie Grill/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Whether it's to thank an old friend for a wedding gift or a contractor for doing a great job with your trim installation, knowing how to send an informal thank you can help you maintain positive contact. Writing a letter of thanks often takes little time and effort, especially compared to the reward of doing so.

  1. Choose your medium

    Select from electronic or hand-written letter types. Often, informal thank you notes are written over a small space. Sometimes they include a picture of the person writing the letter or of the item for which they are saying thanks. For example, a thank you letter written to a veterinarian might include a picture of a beloved family pet whose good health is owed to the vet.

  2. Write a quick salutation

    Write a heading appropriate to the subject and audience. For family, "Dear [name]" might be appropriate, but for many informal contacts, just the name works. Greet them, possibly expressing a hope that the letter finds them well. State the reason for writing.

  3. Thank them

    Thank them for the specific gift or service. Express how that gift is being used or enjoyed.

  4. Conclude and send

    Conclude with a final wish for well-being or a reference to the next time you plan to see or contact them. Email or mail the letter. In some cases, you may want to hand-deliver the letter..