Where Do You Sell Used Textbooks Online?

As of 2015, Used textbooks can be sold online at Cash4Books.net, SellBackYourBook.com and EagleSaver.com. Each site provides a quote using the book's ISBN number so consumers can decide if the price offered is appropriate.

Many students have no desire to keep textbooks after finishing a course or graduating. Sites that buy used textbooks offer the seller money and in turn offer discounted textbooks to other students.

These sites provide a quote for the books, free shipping and fast payment, often through PayPal or within a few business days by check. Check each site before making a decision to receive the highest payout.

In order to sell used textbooks online, it is important to maintain the condition of the books. Most online used textbook sales sites will not accept books that have too many marks or extensive wear and tear. As a result, it is useful to plan ahead when looking to sell used textbooks. Many sites provide pre-made mailing labels, and sites such as Cash4Books.net even pay for the shipping costs. This makes the book shipping process much simpler.

It is advisable to search through a few different online used textbook sale sites. Different sites will provide users different quotes for the value of the books. Be aware that used textbooks virtually never bring back the full value of the original book purchase. Look around to find which site offers the best price. The easiest way to navigate these online used textbook sales sites is through the International Standard Book Number or ISBN located on the textbooks. This number allows quick and easy book and edition identification.