What Are Some Self-Descriptive Words?


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Some self-descriptive words are "ambitious," "creative " and "passionate." Others are "energetic," "punctual" and "optimistic." The use of self-descriptive words to describe a person's skills and abilities effectively is very important, especially in the job-search process.

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Manhattan College recommends a list of words for use in a resume, including some action verbs and self-descriptive words, such as "imaginative," "reliable" and "productive." The college says when describing a person's experience, those words help increase the strength of his resume, make potential employers take notice. These words engage them with vivid language to capture what the individual can do and why he does it well. Those self-descriptive words also help with job interviews and dating profiles.

Some powerful self-descriptive words can set a tone for a resume and help it stand out from the competition, according to Monster.com. Dave Popple, president of Corporate Insights, says that “agile” and “flexible” are two of the words he looks for in a resume. Popple also recommends “resilient," as he wants to search for employees who can manage the stress from their workplace.

Kelly Hadous, CEO of Win the Room, recommends the use of self-descriptive words such as "active" and "positive" to show passion, willingness and motivation. "Confident" is also a good word to show if a job seeker knows who he is as a person and that he can carry any tasks without being hesitant. Amy Wright, who hires assistants, designers and virtual teams for online business owners, says her clients are looking for candidates who include self-descriptive words such "proactive," "self-starter," '"positive attitude" and "desire to learn” in their resumes.

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