What Are Some Free Security Training Programs?

Cybrary and SANS Cyber Aces Online offer free security training programs. Other highly rated options include training programs offered by SearchSecurity, VMware Training, Saylor.org and EBest Internet Security.

Cybrary offers free programs in cyber security, network administration and systems administration. All courses offered on this open-source platform include lectures, technical demonstrations and individual study materials.

SANS Cyber Aces Online offers a three-part Internet security training program that allows students to learn at their own pace. The curriculum, which includes video presentations, skills training and quizzes, covers the basics of cyber security. This introductory course introduces students to network security, operating systems and secure system administration.

SearchSecurity offers a large selection of free cyber security training programs. Course topics include enterprise data protection, government information technology security, network security and threats to information security. SearchSecurity also maintains a large online database of articles related to information security.

Saylor.org offers many security training courses for students at all experience levels. One popular course, CS406: Information Security, provides a broad introduction to security topics. This course covers basic security principles, elementary cryptography, key encryption and information access control. Other concepts introduced in this course include physical security, malicious software, breach recognition and threat management.